Grabbing Lunch Just Got Better

Stop by a local lunch restaurant in New Lebanon, NY

If you're looking for a new lunch restaurant in New Lebanon, New York, try M&M'S Tap and Tavern. Our extensive lunch menu includes crowd favorites like our buffalo chicken wrap and Greek salad. Are you in the mood for Mexican food? You can try our tavern tacos. We offer unique flavors like French dip, Korean BBQ and bourbon.

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Chow down on wholesome meals

Chow down on wholesome meals

Are you tired of the usual greasy burger joint? At M&M'S Tap and Tavern, you'll experience the taste of fresh, top-quality meat. You can get fast food favorites like onion rings, cheese fries and burgers made with top-of-the-line ingredients. Plus, you can swap out any patty for a chicken or veggie burger.

Say goodbye to your old low-quality burger joint. Eat at M&M'S Tap and Tavern in New Lebanon, New York today.


Mozzarella Sticks


Handmade, triple breaded mozzarella sticks served with marinara.

French Onion Soup


(Tavern specialty)

Guinness Beer Chili


Pub Pretzels


2 large Bavarian style pretzels served with a warm house made beer cheese dipping sauce.

corkscrew shrimp


Lightly breaded, flash fried shrimp, tossed in an Asian style sauce.

banging shrimp


Deep fried shrimp tossed in Banging sauce, invented by a chain, perfected by us.

wood fired bruschetta


House-made bread, pesto, diced tomato & mozzarella, with a balsamic glaze, finished in the wood fired pizza oven.

calamari fries


A new spin on an old favorite, panko encrusted calamari, fried golden brown, served with a lemon wedge & house made Fri Diavolo sauce.

spinach pull apart bread


A half loaf of sour dough bread, sliced & stuffed with spinach & artichoke dip, mozzarella cheese, roasted in our wood fired oven & topped with a balsamic glaze.

game day nachos


House fried tortilla chips, covered with cheese, jalapeños, black olives & diced tomatoes. Served with salsa & sour cream.
+ Grilled chicken $2
+ ground beef $2
+ shaved brisket $3

wood fired pizza skins


Our pizza crust served deep dish style filled with mashed potatoes, & topped with cheddar cheese, bacon & chives. Served with Sour cream.

buffalo chicken dip


Always a house party favorite, M's famous buffalo dip is now available at the tavern. Served with house fried tortilla chips.

spinach & artichoke dip


Spinach & Artichoke dip topped with mozzarella and heated in our wood fired oven. Served with house fried tortilla chips.

fried pickles


Seasoned & breaded sliced pickles fried golden brown served with a house-made southwestern ranch dipping sauce.

For the Love of Fries

Our signature fresh cut fries covered & smothered however you want them. Our almost famous Blue cheese .50

loaded cheese fries


Cheese & bacon, served with Ranch

buffalo fries


Buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles & cheddar. Served with Ranch

chili fries


Chili, Cheddar & sour cream

porky fries


BBQ sauce, shaved brisket & cheddar cheese

side of fries


side of sweet potato fries


side of whiskey battered onion rings



Wings $12 | Boneless Wings $9

An order of ten large juicy buffalo wings cooked crispy & tossed in one of our homemade sauces. Served with celery & ranch dressing. Our Homemade Blue Cheese $.50.

At M&M's we are so passionate about our wings, we've named them after people they remind us of.

flavorful & can be enjoyed by all
full flavor with some heat
HOTT!!! No amateurs
it hurts & will cause sweat, tears & temporary facial distortion

jessica biel

Buffalo... Our signature Buffalo sauce that's on our pizza, a mild buffalo sauce, that in theory, should be hot but instead only has a hint of spice but finishes A little sweet. (Jessica was pregnant at the time the menu was made)

betty white

Mild... Very mild, not a whole lot of bite in this sauce.

reese witherspoon

Medium... Very popular with full flavor, that's a touch of spice & sweet all the time.

mila kunis

Hot... All we can say is pretty hot.

rachel ray

Garlic Parmesan... Tossed in garlic with sprinkles of Italian cheese.

jessica ray

Buffalo Parm... Buffalo meets & pairs together with Garlic parm. this is what we think would have happened if Rachel & Jessica hung out in college at one of those crazy sorority parties.

matthew mcconaughey

Honey BBQ... A little sweet, A little bit of country spice & A whole lot of swagger, that will leave you saying "Alright Alright Alright!"

sofia vargara

Chipotle... Full Latin flavor with enough heat to keep you interested & coming back for more... Annoying accent not included.

miley cyrus

Bourbon... Our Signature Jim Beam Sauce tossed onto our wings, starts out sweet, finishes with A little bit of heat & is CRAZY Good. Best thing since the Ipad came out.

perfect 10 sauce

Designed to strictly cause pain. A blend of some of the hottest peppers & sauces creating a ridiculously perfect hot sauce. We tried to think of a celebrity that this reminded us of & then realized they haven't been invented yet. Add $5. ask your server about our perfect 10 challenge.

wood fired "twice" baked wings


The ever requested twice baked wings, pay homage to "Fresco's". They start in the kitchen & get baked again & finished in the wood fired pizza oven. A Simply Sophisticated change in taste to our normal wings.


Dressing: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, White Balsamic, Italian and Oil & Vinegar

tossed salad


Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers & shredded Mozzarella, with your choice of dressing.
+ grilled chicken $2

side salad


Tomatoes, onions, green peppers & shredded mozzarella, with choice of dressing.

chef salad


Turkey, Ham, Swiss cheese, tomato, onion & black olives.

caesar salad


Romaine lettuce with house-made Caesar dressing, croutons & Parmesan cheese.
+ grilled chicken $2

buffalo chicken salad


Crispy or grilled Buffalo Chicken, lettuce, tomato, Cheddar cheese, blue cheese crumbles & celery, served with our homemade blue cheese dressing.

steak & arugula salad


Marinated steak, blue cheese crumbles, pecans, over arugula greens, Served with a white balsamic vinaigrette.

fresh mozzarella salad


Diced tomato, fresh sliced mozzarella, onion & fresh basil with a balsamic glaze reduction drizzled over the top.

cobb salad


Hard-boiled egg, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomato, onion & green pepper.

greek salad


Feta, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini & calamata olives.

mexican salad


Fresh ground beef, tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, cheddar cheese & black olives Served with sour cream with your choice of dressing, served in our house-made tortilla bowl.


Our meat is delivered from a local meat packer and continues with our trend of always fresh, never frozen philosophy, then weighed and pounded out in-house to create a large, juicy ½ pound burger experience that you won't forget.

Served with fresh cut French Fries or upgrade to Sweet Potato Fries $1, Whiskey Battered Onion Rings $1.50 or Side Salad $2

cajun blue


Our house made cajun seasoning, bacon and a marbled blue cheese.

the cowboy burger


half-pound burger topped with sliced cheddar cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce & crispy onion straws.

the redneck round up


Classic bacon cheese burger combo topped with A1 & ketchup.

bourbon burger


Our Jim Beam Bourbon glaze, on top of a half-pound handpacked burger, with cheddar cheese & onion straws.

sweet heat


Stephentown-made Habarnaro garlic jam, fresh mozzarella & bacon.

lone ranger


Mushrooms, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese & bacon aioli sauce.

byo burger


Build your own burger with a variety of toppings. Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, A1, Ketchup, Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Onion Straws, Marbled Blue Cheese, Swiss, American, Cheddar & mozzarella $1 each. Bacon $2.
*Substitute chicken or veggie burger.


Our Pizza is our pride & joy, so we treat it like so. Our pizza dough is made in-house daily, as well as our pizza sauces. Our sauces start with San Marzano tomatoes, hand-pressed garlic & other fresh herbs, bought locally when available & topped with the finest cheese we can buy.

small 10"


Gluten free crust... Add $2

large 14"


Gluten free crust... Add $2


HOUSE SAUCE: Traditional style pizza sauce.

ROBUST: A zesty pizza sauce, a tad thicker than the house sauce, finished with a dash of sweetness & a hint of spice.

PESTO: Basil, olive oil sauce.

WHITE: Garlic butter, olive oil sauce.

additional toppings

Pepperoni, Chicken, Meatballs & Sausage ... $2 each

Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Jalapeños, Broccoli, Spinach, Black Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Pineapple, Ricotta, Feta Cheese & Extra Cheese ... $1 each



Pizza Dough rolled with your choice of pizza sauce, Mozzarella & Ricccota cheese.

Specialty Pizza

buffalo chicken

$13 • $17

A Tavern perfection made with our homemade Buffalo Sauce, Topped with Fresh Diced Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese, served with a side of our Homemade Blue cheese.

barbecue chicken

$13 • $17

Similar to our Buffalo Chicken but with Barbecue Sauce instead.

m's combo

$13 • $17

Pepperoni, Sausage, green pepper, mushroom & onion.


$13 • $17

Our traditional pizza sauce topped with hand-shredded basil, sliced tomato & fresh mozzarella.


$13 • $17

Our pesto base as the sauce, topped with our Bruschetta mixture, mozzarella & finished with a balsamic drizzle.


$13 • $17

Classic Hawaiian pizza with ham & pineapple. Lei not included.

chicken drizzle fo shizzle

$13 • $17

Pesto pizza with chicken & mozzarella with a balsamic glaze reduction drizzled over the top.

meat lovers

$15 • $19

Robust sauce, Ham, pepperoni, Sausage, bacon & meatball come together for a delicious, anti-vegetable, pizza lovers dream.


$13 • $17

House Sauce, bacon, sliced tomatoes & spinach.

veggie supreme

$13 • $17

Onions, green peppers, mushrooms & tomatoes.

the great white

$13 • $17

Our white garlic sauce, Sausage, Ricotta & broccoli.

chicken bacon ranch

$13 • $17

Just as the name says... Chicken, bacon & ranch. Delicious!

Wood-Fired Flat Breads



Served traditionally with hand shredded basil & fresh mozzarella.

barbecue chicken


Our honey BBQ sauce topped with grilled chicken, red onion & mozzarella cheese.



Pesto, grilled chicken, candied tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & balsamic reduction glaze.



White garlic sauce, baby arugula, caramelized onion, blue cheese, crumbles, dried cranberries, marinated steak & balsamic drizzle.

Wraps & Stuff

Upgrade to Sweet Potato Fries $1.50 or Whiskey Battered Onion Rings $2

tavern tacos

(2) $9 (3) $12 (4) $15

All of our slaws are made to order from a shredded super slaw mixture of Kale, Asian cabbage, carrots & greens. Our tacos are served on a warm mini Naan taco shell.
Bourbon - Our Jim Beam bourbon sauce, shaved, smoked brisket, crispy onion straws & traditional slaw
Buffalo - Grilled chicken, cheddar, buffalo sauce & bacon blue cheese slaw
Caprese - Pesto, grilled chicken, oven roasted candied tomatoes, mozzarella & balsamic reduction drizzle
Shrimp - Our Bangin Shrimp with an Asian inspired slaw
French Dip - Shaved brisket, caramelized onion, Swiss cheese and horseradish crema
Korean BBQ - Marinated steak, Korean BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, fresh ginger & an Asian slaw.



A garlic herb wrap stuffed with shredded cheese.

buffalo chicken quesadilla


Our cheese quesadilla filled with diced chicken & buffalo sauce served with our homemade bleu cheese dressing.

chicken fingers


Hand-Breaded, seasoned fresh-cut chicken tenders, deep fried golden brown and served with homemade French fries and your choice of dipping sauce.

crispy chicken wrap


Crispy chicken tenders with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce & honey mustard, wrapped up in a garlic herb wrap.

buffalo chicken wrap


Diced chicken drizzled with our homemade Buffalo sauce & topped with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce & our blue cheese dressing, wrapped up in a garlic herb wrap. All wing sauces are available instead of Buffalo as well.

chicken caprese sandwich


Fresh cut grilled chicken with pesto & mozzarella cheese, drizzled with a balsamic glaze, topped with a thin tomato slice on a toasted bun.

Kid's Menu

All kid's meals are served with fresh cut fries and a drink. Apple sauce is available in place of French fries.

chicken fingers


cheese quesadilla


grilled cheese


pasta with butter or red sauce